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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Recent Recommendations

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  1. Interesting site. Dawkins is definitely a complex man.

  2. "I have run across lately?" Is that the new way of saying "Conservapedia Admin Conservative sent me a mail and offered to promote my blog in exchange for links to his pet articles"?

    Wow, the things he does to linkspam his articles... congrats on getting your own Conservapedia article, though. You are now officially more important than Terry Pratchett, who still doesn't have a CP entry.

    And no, no need to deny it - he had made a big announcement about cooperating with anti-atheism bloggers a few days ago. And he's pulled stunts like that before.

  3. Thanks for the comment.
    You are obviously much more well informed that I.
    That’s the funny thing about posting to the WORLD WIDE web, anyone on the planet can now read your stuff but…you end up being just a tiny drop in an enormous bucket.
    Thus, and FYI, cross linking is standard operating procedure on the internet.
    Thanks again and hope to hear (or read) from you again.


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