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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is Richard Dawkins a Fundamentalist?, part 7 of 9

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  1. Given that living things appear to have been designed, actual design is a logical interpretation of the "evidence". However, Dawkins' point is that the *appearance* of design is the only "evidence" of design.

    But design, as an explanation for complex organisms is supported by no other evidence, apart from the complexity itself. Relatively recently, a far better explanation was mooted (evolution by natural selection) which has by and large been borne out by closer investigation, both macro and micro. It's a scientific theory, consistent with the facts so far, but of course, being scientific, it could be falsified by the discovery of contrary evidence. Despite frantic searches, no such evidence has been found. In fact, the more we research, the more corroborating evidence we find, and the more elegant and refined the theory becomes.


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